Snowboard Waxing

Snowboard Waxing Step by Step Process

Snowboarding waxing is done to improve friction performance between your snowboard and the snow. The wax comes in various colors, each having unique property or purpose. There are two types of wax- hard and soft- applied differently depending on what you want out of your board, be it speed or grip. Harder waxes provide more traction for greater control, while softer ones offer less friction for better glide when going down steep slopes but can also wear down faster if not reapplied often enough.

So how do you wax your board?


  1. Loosen/ remove the bindings.

Snowboard bindings are the devices that attach your feet to the board and allow you to control your movements. They consist of two metal straps with a plastic or leather footpad in between them, one on each side of the snowboard. Removing the bindings will make the waxing process more accessible and more effective.


  • Loosen the strap on one side of your boot by pulling up on it.
  • Unscrew the screws holding down that binding as well as those along that edge of the board.
  • Remove them by pushing back off each screw head- do this for both sides of your board.


  1. Clean the snowboard by brushing off any dirt or debris

If you neglect this step, it can lead to some severe problems with your board and equipment. Not only will a dirty board affect how well you ride, but dirt and debris can cause damage to the base of your boot or bindings, which could make them unusable. 

Here are three quick tips on proper brushing off of any dirt/debris before taking it out onto the slopes:

1) Brush off any loose debris using a stiff-bristled brush.

2) Scrape away any heavier built-up dirt particles that may be stuck in tough spots like around edges or under rails with a scraper or an old credit card (this also helps keep down costs).


  1. Melt the Wax and Then Apply

Melt your choice of snowboard wax by exposing it to a heat source. This causes the wax to become less dense and starts dripping. Let the wax drip on the board. Spread the dripping wax evenly over the board, not forgetting the edges.


  1. Iron the Base

First off, find an old rag. Please put it on top of your snowboard base with the waxy side facing down. Heat your iron (on low-medium) and run it across the board. Do this until all areas have been covered in wax. If not enough wax has stuck to the bottom after this process, repeat these same steps until the bottom of the wax is completely covered in wax. Leave the wax on the board for approximately 20-30 minutes until it cools down and is set.


  1. More Scrapping!

With your scrapper (or old credit card) held at a 45-degree angle, carefully work from nose to tail, scraping off any excess wax. The key to a smoother board is long continuous strokes with little pressure from the nose to the board's tail. And voila! Your board will be good as new again in no time :)

There you have it, the step-by-step guide on how to wax your snowboard. If you don’t already know how to do this task, now is an excellent time to learn with our in-depth instructions. We also cover other topics related to snowboarding, like equipment reviews or where the best places are for beginner riders. Check out some of our blog posts below if any of these sound interesting. Happy shredding!