What currency is your site in?

Canadian Dollars

How long have you been producing snowboards?
KNWN founder Jason Broz has over 25 years of manufacturing experience. He has built factories around the world and worked with brands such as Red Bull, Endeavor, Public, Stepchild and G3 (Genuine Guide Gear). His boards have won international awards, graced the covers of major magazines and won World Cup events.

Are all of your snowboards made in Canada?
Yes. It is important to us that we produce every single one of our products here in Canada. There was a time when Canadian made skis and boards were known around the world as being the very best quality and performance. It is where the name KNWN came from and this return to Canadian high-end manufacturing defines who we are and what we do every single day.

Do you produce and low end and entry-level snowboards?
No. We only produce premium high-end products.  We believe that even a novice rider should have quality equipment for the best possible experience on the hill.

What is the warranty on your products?
We believe so strongly in our products that we have industry leading 5 year warranty on materials and defects in craftsmanship. For additional warranty information, please click here (link to warranty page)

What isn’t covered by your warranty policy?
Although we pride ourselves by producing extremely strong snowboards, they can only be built so strong. Core breaks are an example of something that is not covered by our warranty. Base gouges, general wear and tear, cracked edges, sun faded or scratched graphics, topsheet chipping caused by impact are all examples of issues not covered by warranty. It has to be an actual defect directly caused by the manufacturer or raw material supplier for it to be covered and we reserve the right to use our discretion of what is and isn’t accepted.

How do I choose the length of a snowboard?
The general rule is to choose a length of board that when standing, is between your shoulders and your nose. Some people like them longer, some people like them shorter and that’s where experience and personal preference come into play.

Do you make splitboards?
Yes, we have a full range of splitboards for all types of riding.

I already have a snowboard, can you split it for me?
We do not offer this service at this time.

Do you rent splitboards?
Not at the moment.

Do you make boards for kids?
Yes, we make a full range of kids boards.

Do you offer bindings with the boards?
Yes, we have a full selection of bindings available online and in our flagship store.

Do you wax skis and snowboards?
Yes. Please visit our flagship store for pricing and details.

Where are you located?
We are located in Squamish, British Columbia the Outdoor Recreation Capital of Canada. 1 hour from Downtown Vancouver and 30 minutes to Whistler, KNWN is just 2 blocks off the Sea to Sky Highway across from Home Depot. Our address is 201-1201 Commercial Way, Squamish, BC.

How do we get to your location?
From YVR or downtown Vancouver, head north on Highway 99 (the Sea to Sky Highway) towards Whistler. When you get to Squamish, turn left at the Walmart onto Commercial Way. Go straight through the roundabout continuing West and the turn off to the Sea to Sky Business Park is on your right. The flagship store is located in unit 201.

Do you build one-off custom boards?
Yes we do. We recommend emailing us at Jason@knwnmfg.com to discuss what it is that you’re looking for.

What can I customize?
We can do anything from changing the construction of one of our standard lay-ups to complete one-off custom shapes.

Can I design my own graphics?
We do not currently offer this for one-off skis or boards. Minimum order quantity for custom graphics is 25 units. Please email us at Jason@knwnmfg.com to discuss the options for orders of this quantity.

How much to custom boards cost?
Full custom boards start at $999 USD and the sky is the limit on what you can spend depending on what it is that you’re after. We recommend that you email us to begin the conversation and we’ll work together to find the right solution. If you want the full experience, you can even arrange to participate in the board building process.

Can I build my own snowboard?
Yes. We have a Build Your Own program in place where you can come to our facility and work with our staff for the ultimate one-on-one ski/board building experience. For additional information, contact jason@knwnmfg.com

How do I get sponsored by KNWN?
We are not currently accepting public submissions for sponsorship but ride our boards and tag us in your photos and you'll get noticed!

How can I get some stickers?
Please send a self-addressed, stamped envelope to:

KNWN Mfg. Inc.
Attn. Stickers
1201 Commercial Way,Unit #
Squamish, BC,
V8B 0V1

How do I get a job working for KNWN?
Submit your resume and cover letter to Jason@knwnmfg.com and we will get back to you with any opportunities. All applicants MUST be Canadian citizens or have a legal work permit.

I really want to learn how to make snowboards, can I come and watch or intern art your facility?
We have a lot of trade secrets behind our doors, so our factory floor is off limits while in production. Internship requests will be taken on a case-by-case basis.

I’m located outside of North America, how much is shipping?
This is one of the issues that we can’t control. Typically, the cost to ship a snowboard anywhere overseas starts at around $250 USD depending on the location. We recommend reaching out to us at Jason@knwnmfg.com with your shipping address and we can provide you with a quote prior to your purchase.

I received a shipment with pre-paid shipping through the KNWN online store, but I still received a bill from the courier. What is this all about?
Depending on where you’re located it’s possible that you will be charged an import duty and tax for your purchase.

What do I do if there is a warranty related issue with my product?
The good news is that historically we have a next to non-existent warranty rate of return. We put a lot of care and attention into selecting our components, raw material preparation and our production process. We build every product as if it were our own. In the off situation where there is a concern, please contact us directly and we will do everything in our power to take care of you and get you back on the snow ASAP.

Do you donate products for charity auctions?
As a high-end boutique manufacturer, we do not discount our products. Our policy is to sell the product at the regular price; anything above and beyond that price that is generated by the auction can go to raise money for the charity.