About KNWN Manufacturing Company

Who we are

KNWN is a boutique manufacturer of high-end skis and snowboards handcrafted in the Coastal Mountains of British Columbia, Canada.

British Columbia mountain range

Years ago, Canadian built skis and snowboards we globally recognized as being some of the best in the world. Everything from cross country skis, telemark skis, downhill skis and eventually snowboards were known for being of the upmost quality, durability and highest performance. The early to mid 2000’s saw a shift to low-cost overseas production and Canadian manufactures fell one by one.

Canadian Flag


vintage skis in the snow

The KNWN brand is an homage to the golden days of Canadian snowsport manufacturing. We can’t compete on pricing with overseas manufactures, so we don’t try to. We focus on building high-end, customizable products and provide a one-on-one level of connection with our customers that the big companies can only dream about.

Most importantly, KNWN is about experienced shaping and craftsmanship lead by founder Jason Broz who has over 22 years of manufacturing experience. This experience means lighterweight skis and boards without compromising durability. In other words, you will have the best possible experience while in the mountains and that’s what it’s all about.

custom snowboard shapt by Jason Broz and other information
KNWN Storefront decoration British Columbia