Guide to Buying Premium High-Performance Snowboards in Canada

Custom Made Snowboards

It's no secret, Canada is a snowboarding hub. It's home to some amazing mountains, legendary powder, and a vast wilderness with a great mix of traditional and modern resorts. Indeed, Canada has something for everyone, regardless of their taste or skill level.

Some people might not know, but your snowboard options do matter and can have a significant impact on your overall snowboarding experience. A wide range of snowboards exist in the market today, ranging from regular, performance, to luxury: All readily available online.

But, here's the question, why should you go for high-performance premium snowboard over regular snowboard?


Before You Take Off, Let’s See What Gear You Need for Snowboarding?

Whether a beginner or an expert, don't head out for snowboarding without the proper gear. Here's what you need:

  • Snowboard 
  • Snowboots
  • Warm Clothing
  • Helmet 
  • Gloves
  • Mittens (optional) 
  • Coat/jacket/pants 
  • Goggles
  • Sunglasses (optional)


So Now What Makes a Good High-Performance Snowboard?

Not all snowboards are created equal; On top of high-quality Poplar or Aspen wood some use high-tech equipment, such as carbon fiber with special titanium and aluminum bindings.  Regular snowboards are made of plain wood, composites, and plastics.

Similarly, you have to keep in mind, it's not always the board's length, flex, width, or shape, but rather what you want to do with it. The best snowboards are designed for specific terrain and riding styles, although we have some top-quality snowboards designed to excel in a wide range of terrain and snow conditions.

Here are some of our top premium snowboards..



This season features a completely redesigned shape; the new MIRROR is a Freestyle / Park twin designed for side hits, park laps, and all-mountain freestyle riding. The blunted tips are designed that way for efficiency and to reduce swing weight so that you can have a long effective edge on a shorter park board. The mid-wide waist and the deep sidecut work in unison to make this board stable yet maneuverable for lower acute angles, stomping landings, and setting up for features in the park.



This is a women's specific snowboard. It has an all-mountain/freestyle directional shape with the perfect blend of lightweight pop and fun. 

This board packs some thoughtful features like a narrower waist for smaller boot sizes and a softer flex for lighter riders. This board can handle anything you can throw at it, jumps, rails, pow, steeps, or cruise with ease.



The brand new VANGUARD SPLIT is the culmination of a decade-long of split-board design and manufacturing. Its directional shape is perfect for everyone, from novice to advanced level riders.

Our Take; it's forgiving when you need it to be but can also handle aggressive backcountry terrain like a champ. The elongated shovel and offset hybrid camber, combined with the slight taper in the tail, make it grind effortlessly on powder and soft snow.

The lightweight carbon glass and Canadian Aspen core mean that you'll be exerting less energy in your ascent, and the white top-sheet deflects unwanted snow and ice to get rid of the weight that comes with it.


Final Thoughts

If you like to snowboard, then Canada is a great place to shred up some powder without the worry of running into people or cars.

Need premium snowboard? Or are you wondering where to buy a High-Performance Snowboard in Canada? At KNWN we are all about boards, and we have more than 26 years of snowboard manufacturing experience.

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